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Love how this is turning out

Love it

Such a fun new hobby!

I was so impressed by the detail of this paint by numbers! I really enjoyed taking the time to complete it. I have already purchased my second one!

Loved it

Gave this to my kids for their anniversary. They were very excited. DonĄŻt know the end results.

Ended up looking just like the picture!

It came out just like the picture I submitted! Some of the spots were hard to tell which number it was but luckily they sent a blank piece of paper with the numbers in the designated spots, so that was helpful! Overall really fun and mostly very easy! You should definitely buy this!

Easy to paint.

It looks just like the photo I submitted. So much fun to paint. I just ordered s second one!


Second one in two weeks and again had so much fun painting!! I highly recommend this company!!!

Need more paint

Great product, but paint dried out before I completed the project so need more paint and not sure how to get more from seller.

we love it!

Mother's day gift from my daughter.. look just like original picture

Remarkable - Best Custom Available

If you want a custom paint by numbers set, this is absolutely the vendor to use. I've tried several vendors and this is the best. I've used this vendor to replace customs I did which didn't look right. The paint included is high quality and I can't say enough about their designers. Totally worth the $.This was especially important to me as it was of a 2 year old who passed away & I made it as a rememberance gift. The baby was African American & very dark skinned. My biggest fear was that his beautiful complexion & expressive eyes wouldn't come through, but the designer Zachary did a beautiful job. If Zachary ever sees this, please know your design was perfect and helped a grieving family. Great job!

Amazing quality

This is definitely one of the best paints by numbers that I received.


It turned out beautiful!!! Loved this project! Will get another one soon!

Great service

I have had other paint by numbers with other companies. This is not as detailed and true to color as some. Good amount of paint though.

It was amazing

Absolutely ?? love it

Looks just like the photo

This was much better than I expected. The segments were on point even with faces. It takes a while to complete, at least for me there was many many sections and tiny portions. Sometimes the numbers were missing in the area & I had to guess but those were very few & I think due to the complexity of my image. They give you plenty of paint, a little goes a long way. My painting came out exactly like the photo.

So much fun and great quality

I decided to do PBN for our 2 fur babies and it turned out so good! I bought my own easel & more finer tip brushes (the 3 brushes that came with it were not the best). Took about 3 weeks to complete both and IĄŻm so happy with the finished picture. Now IĄŻm trying to find another picture to PBN.

Love this!

I am impressed with this product. It comes with everything you need. I read complaints about the quality of the paint brushes, but I have no issue with them.Now that itĄŻs finished, I still love it, but the paint is very cheap and watery. I had to paint it twice.

Overall happy and bought another

Way better than I expected and am happy with the results. I do wish the brushes were better (a finer tip with more control would be handy). I also don't exactly love the large background areas where there could be more detail.Tip: start with big areas first. I should have and will on my next one. Fyi This took me about 6-7 hours broken up over different days.

One of the best

I have done literally dozens of paint by numbers and this is one of the best I've ever used and will use them for now on. The core were spot on perfect and were very smooth to where even the light colors covered requiring no second coating. The only issue I have found is some of the lines and blocks are so faint or not numbered so it does take a little creativity however, this is best I've used.


This is the second custom painting I have purchased and every time it's stunning. My grandpa loved this. Great gift idea!!!!

Paint spreads easily

Your paints are great. They are fresh, so they spread easily.

DoMyArt® Custom Kit
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Love it

Best Gift!

This is the perfect gift to give a loved one or an activity to do with friends. the picture came out perfect! This canvas included all the paint and brushes needed to complete. my boyfriend was so happy!

Makes a great gift

Bought this for my teenage daughter. It was affordable and came with everything she needed.She absolutely loved doing this.

Awesome Gift

Made this 16x20 for my fianc¨Ś for Christmas and he loved it !!It took a lot longer to complete then expected but I enjoyed every minute


I could not be happier with the results from photo to canvas. I received the finished product quicker then expected and was so pleased to see the results. I received the canvas, paints and a guide to assist with painting. Great product will definitely use them again for other pictures to canvas.